BEE 4 PCS Beekeeping Suit Tool Set Breathable Suit Jacket Long Sleeve Gloves Bee Hive Brush J Hook Hive

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The suit is very light. It is very light to carry or to wear, and it will not affect the work because of the heavy hat.
There is a zipper under the veil, and it is very convenient to open to eat and drink water. There is also a large pocket on the surface of the suit to make it easy to pack.
The sleeves and hem of the Beekeeping Suit are designed to prevent bees from flying in. It is very safe to use.
Beekeeping Suit
Wasps are made of breathable fabric that is not particularly stuffy at work.
Beekeeping Tools
Sheepskin gloves with linen sleeves are of excellent quality and durable. The tail of the handle is flattened to facilitate opening the hive. Stainless steel J hook hive durable and non-rust.

Type: Beekeeping Suit Tool Set
Material: Cloth Wood Steel Linen
Color: White
Beekeeping Suit Total Length: 102cm/3.35ft
Beekeeping Hat : 38.5*37.5cm/15.13*14.74 Inch
Gloves Total Length: 49cm/19.26 Inch
Gloves Length: 20*11cm/7.86*4.32 Inch (L*W)
Bee Hive Brush Handle: 40.5cm/15.92 Inch
Bee Hive Brush: 21cm/8.25 Inch
J Hook Hive: 26.5*4.5cm/10.41*1.77 Inch (L*W)
The veil: 38*20cm/14.93*7.86 Inch (L*W)

Net Weight: 570g/20.11oz


1*Beekeeping Suit
1*Bee Hive Brush
1*J Hook Hive