In the Beginning

In the Beginning

In the beginning. Three very simple but very powerful words. It is these words that open the Bible. It is these words that is used when a new adventure is often described.

Dan and Gloria of has embarked on a new adventure, it is their new beginning. It is their hope and desire to bring to their friends and customers, products and ideas that they you can use in making your life easier. 

The main focus of their business is to present products and ideas for the individuals who are looking to become more self-sufficient, to learn a new skill. Self-sufficiency is about people that want to experience just a little of what our grandparents did.

For most of us today, our work does not provide any kind of real satisfaction. We leave wondering what was the purpose of going in and punching a clock for eight or nine hours, all for a pay check. We wonder if there is more to life?

This is the movement behind the Self-sufficient living often times referred to as Homesteading or Prepsteading. This movement is opening the door to give people a new experience, a new beginning for living.

The great thing about Self-sufficient living, is it is available to all who want to do it. Depending on where you live will determine to some degree how self-sufficient you can be. For those that live in an apartment or a home in the city, the amount of things that you can do will be more limited than a person that lives on a few acres in the woods somewhere, but it does not mean you can't do something.

As we travel this road together, whether you live in the city or on a few acres in the woods, lets learn how we can give all our lives more purpose and meaning.

If you are looking to give your life purpose, where you live, then join Dan and Gloria at for a new beginning.








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