About Us

D & G Homesteading, A place where life is not just lived
But where living becomes life.

At D & G Homesteading, we believe that life is more than just living, it is about using what we have been given by our Creator to make life have meaning or purpose. On just about every tomb stone you will see three basic things; the name of the person buried below, their date of birth and the day they passed on. As important as these two things are, the most important thing on the tomb stone is the dash between the dates.

This dash is the great unknown for most people when we come upon a tomb stone. We ask the question on what was their life like? What were they like? Or was their life just a movement from one date on the tombstone to the next or did they find purpose and meaning living their dash.

At D & G Homesteading, we would like to see those we come in contact with, to not simply have a life that is simply lived, but to give people the ability to live so they can have life.

As you journey with us, it is our desire that the things we introduce you to, are things that can make a difference in some small way no matter how big the plot of land on which you are living. We know that from time to time our lives can be uprooted and we become transplanted to someplace new. The key thing we need to remember is to bloom where we have been planted at the moment.

D & G Homesteading is about taking the small nuggets that come our way in life and use them to make where we currently find ourselves a little better for us and those around us. It is our desire to show you things that can change your life in small very incremental ways to ways that could possibly affect your community at large.

My Grandfather’s dash covered 73 years, 1913 - 1987. He grew up knowing how hard life could be and how to work through the struggles that came his way. He life’s dash started with true raw horse power, by working with teams of horses to see man stepping on the moon and even living in space.

He had one saying that has stuck with me all my life and it represented the struggles that he faced and how he overcame them; “The good Lord gave me the flattest land in the coulee, He just went and raised one side.” When it came to the land in which my Grandfather worked, it definitely was fairly flat but most of it was on the side of the hills that made up the coulee in which we lived.

He spent the last couple years of his life living life to the fullest as he traveled parts of this great country of ours the way he started, behind horses in a rubber tired covered wagon. It was never what he had or how much he had, to my grandfather is was what you did with what you had. I personally think the last three years or so of his life were the richest and it was not based on the things of this world, but the people of this world that he met.

At D & G Homesteading we hope to pick up on this thought and move it a little farther down our dash of history.

Join with us as we live out our dash to a better living on the homestead we have been granted.